2000W Hub Motor Gravity Boosted Top 10 Cool Fiik Electric Skateboards

Basic Details OEM Terms 1.High Quality & Competitive Price 2.Customize Color of Wheel 3.Fast Delivery Time : 15 - 20 Days 4.OEM/ODM Logo Service 5.Customize Color Box& Manual 6.We are the professional & reliable factory of Electric Skateboard, Electric Skateboard Drive, Electric Bike...

Product Details

ONAN Booster is the newest drive system for skateboards that can be mounted under any deck. It can be fit for any DECK!!! Get ONAN Booster and install it on your deck, you just need several screws. DIY it now!!!!


Basic Information

Top Speed


ONAN Booster is the newest version with dual hub motor which can be mounted on any straight deck, you just need a deck and ONAN Drive, then you will have a customized electric skateboard.


18 - 23km

Max Load



Motor Style

Hub in-wheel motor

Water and Dust Proof


Motor Power



Battery Voltage


Battery Energy


Battery Style

Lithium Battery

Key remote

2 modes

Low/Master mode

Show board's battery


Change Direction


Main Features

1. Our motor is 2pcs hubmotor: 1000W*2pcs, water and dust proof.
2. Changeable battery, when the electric used up, you can change another and continue the journey.
3. Exchangeable outside wheels, when the wheel is abrased, don't worry, change a new one!
4. Max load is 120kg/265 pounds.
5. Our max speed is 40km/h
6. Hill grade is about 30%
7. Li-poly battery, which is safe and will not cause explosion definitely.
8. Use the same standard bearing as ABEC-7, very smooth.

9. Zero start function, you do not need to slide by your feet when start, and when the battery used up, you can still move by your feet and do not damage the motor. 



Listed In The Box

Skateboard Booster Main Unit x 1

Battery Pack x 1

Front Wheels and Truck x 1

Remote Control Handle x 1

Charging Cables x 2

Shock Absorption Gasket x 1

Installation Accessories x 1

Instruction Manual x 1


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