Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

This best cheap electric skateboard is our newest product. Its safety performance has been greatly improved with the double circuit battery protection system.

Product Details

Product Introduction

This best cheap electric skateboard is our newest product. Its safety performance has been greatly improved with the double circuit battery protection system. It adopts the leading technology of motor wheel noise reduction, so it can bring you better experience. Also, the diy electric longboard kit is fast in speed and it is light in weight. The net weight is only about 6KGS or even less! You can put it at home or carry it out easily. It can help you save time during the rush-hour. The best cheap electric skateboard is not just a simple tool, but a new way to bring joy and excitement. We can offer this product in a variety of colors, please feel free to contact with us if you are looking for such product!


With the most advanced technology of motor wheel noise reduction, our best cheap electric skateboard can bring your better experience. It is simple and safe to use. In addition, because this skateboard is light in weight and small in size so that you can carry it with you easily to any places like restaurants, supermarkets, airports and so on. We believe that the quality of our skateboard is superior and and the price we offer is competitive. 


Product Size

38.5 x 17.5 x 5.5 CM

Net Weight

4 – 4.5 KGS

Package Size

55 x 39 x 20 CM

Package Weight

8.3 – 8.8 KGS


Max Speed


Climbing Grade


Max Load

120 KGS


12 – 15 KMS(BP10); 25 –28KMS(BP20)


Motor Type

Hub Motor w/Hall Sensor(ESC)

Motor Power

1000W x 2 (2000W Power)

Heat Dissipation

Porous Heat Dissipation Structure

Motor Size


Wheel Rubber

Changeable 80A Wheel Rubber

Motor Bracket Art

Steel Axle Integrated w/ Motor

Bracket Process

Gravity Casting

Regenerative Braking


Motor Waterproof


Bearing Protection

Double Side Cover Protection

Rubber Material

Black 80A TPU


Battery Type

18650 Lithium Battery

Charging Time

1 – 1.5 Hrs for X-BP10 Battery Pack;

2.5 – 3 Hrs for X-BP20 Battery Pack

Battery Spec.

36V 2.5AH, 90WH For X-BP10 Battery Pack

36V 4.4AH, 158.4WH For X-BP20 Battery Pack



External Part

Support Material

One-piece Aluminum Alloy

Battery Case Material



Integral Dissipation Design


Shock Absorption Gasket

Best Working Temp.


Remote Unit


Two Speed Modes Switchable

Speed Knob

Step-less   Acceleration/Deceleration

Charging Time


Safety Protect

Preventing Drop Finger Hole

Products Description

- Independent owned patent products, Utility patent and Design Patent.

- Apply to FCC, CE, RoHs, MSDS, UN38.3, etc requirements.

- 93MM 2000W Dual powerful hub motors.

- Support Hall System and Dual-CPU system.

- Support ZERO STARTUP Function.

- Independent Protection systems for mainboard and battery pack.

- Replaceable motor PU rubbers, durable and easy for maintain.

- Porous Cooling Structure of motors, cooling the heat from inside.

- Simple one button to replace battery pack, manage your own travel mileage.

- Zero start-up performance, allowing your travel uninterrupted, and much easier for new starters to enjoy the driving.

- Top 40 KM/H speed, Max 28KM mileage with battery pack(X-BP20).

- 30% climbing angel.

- Two speed mode suitable for starter or master.

- Noise-less, smoothly and linear control Motor with IP65 proof level.

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