ONAN DIY Off Road Fastest Electric Skateboard Motor for Sale

ONAN DIY Off Road Fastest Electric Skateboard Motor for Sale with 93MM 2000W motors have more possibilities. Zero start-up performance, allowing your travel uninterrupted, and let beginners much easy to get start. X2 Booster top speed 40 KM/H, and maximum climbing grade 30%.

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Products Description

This electric longboard is our new design this year, Unique is the initial intention behind the creation of our electric skateboard. We want to make the skateboard as easy to learn and as faster as possible. This is one of the fastest electric skateboards available with a top speed of 40KM/H, wheel hub motor is improved with better material and structure , it is suitable for all guys who likes skateboarding!

Our electric skateboard adopts customized in wheel hub motor by improving the material and structure of motors. The heating problem is effectively solved when the hub motor operates in high speed. Meanwhile the riding speed and performance of hub motor will be synchronized to mobile App by Hall effect soon.


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