Choose Your own skateboard

- Jun 08, 2017-

You should also pay attention to other aspects when choosing a skateboard. If your board is broken and cracked, you need to replace it with a new one. If you use the plate tail brake, the edge of the board will become sharp, this is called "Razortail", this model tail easily broken into small pieces, and then will reduce the elasticity of the board. Water and cracks also reduce the elasticity of the board. All of these factors can affect the elasticity of the board (or length, if you wish).

In terms of durability, no board has an absolute advantage. Most of the panels are 7-ply, glued together by 7-ply sheets. Some companies claim their boards are lightweight, mostly using thinner planks, or fewer layers, or gluing the sheets. These methods make your board a little lighter, but they also make the board a little bit more vulnerable. Some companies even add more layers or increase the board's foot to increase durability.

Some companies use different approaches or innovations in the structure of the board. For example, the flip Company's "New Wave Construction" patented technology, on the board surface with a layer of corrugated hard strips to increase the performance of the board. Real company used the "triple beam Construction", using 7 layers of plywood, 3 of which were laminated. This makes the board of elasticity and durability has a greater increase.

If your board is hard, it will perform its maximum performance. If it is more cotton (water, or excessive distortion caused), then it is not good performance. But if it is too hard, it becomes brittle. Then there is an intermediate value, and the skateboard company is making innovations every day, trying to make itself a Montana of panel manufacturing technology.