Four-wheel skateboard beginner Practice

- Jun 08, 2017-

1. The first slide to practice good: Put the focus on the motionless foot, in the ground when the body slightly forward tilt, there is no trick, more slippery will be stable.

2. Turn: The usual use of which foot to prop up the ground, put that foot in the end of the board, and pressure, and the other foot slightly raised, and at this time the board will tilt up. Use your hands and body (especially the waist) to rotate properly (and also to catch the trick). The size of the angle by the force of the body to control the turn.

3. Stop: The most common method is to directly down and pick up the board, or with the usual support of the foot of the foot of the ground friction ground to slow down; also can be used behind that foot will be tilted up under pressure, so that the board into 45 degrees and will stop very quickly but not very encouraging you to use the evil method, commonly used words at the bottom of the board will wear very badly. More difficult, jump and catch the board body, or use the foot of the pedal board in front of the tilt, the other foot up a little, and the way to make the board quickly horizontal slide forward (the body to back), and then stopped. And will be issued: The sound of the GA.