Guide to the selection of electric scooters

- Jun 08, 2017-

1. Battery

The current market on the electric scooter owners to choose two kinds of batteries, including lead-acid batteries in the majority.

(1) Lead-acid battery

Advantages: China is the world's largest producer of lead-acid batteries, because the price of lead-acid batteries is relatively low, so also the most commonly used.

Disadvantages: Smaller than capacity, short cycle life. In other words, in the same capacity of the case, the battery weight and volume are greater. At present, the market of lead-acid batteries is basically the development of the type of rechargeable batteries. The floating charging pool is not able to carry out fast charging and large current discharge. Although the technical staff spent a lot of effort to improve, put into practice, but its life is still very unsatisfactory.

(2) Lithium battery

Advantage: Now the cell phone batteries are basically used in this kind of battery. In the same capacity, the battery weight and volume are smaller, to reduce the weight of electric scooter has a great advantage. Its longevity can also be longer than lead-acid batteries.

Disadvantage: The price is more expensive, lithium battery resistance is relatively large, in the battery will be fully discharged when the car may feel less power.

2. Motor

Electric scooters generally use wheel motors. The hub motor is divided into solid hub motor and hollow hub motor.

The advantages of hollow hub motor are compact, concise, heat dissipation, power consumption is less than solid wheel motor, that is, the same amount of electricity can be used longer.

3. Weight

Only as small as possible, weight as light as possible, in order to facilitate users in the use of buses and subways. This is especially important for female users. Many electric scooters have folding function, folding can be hand-held, in the purchase of this design should be particularly concerned, or buy back the electric scooter may become idle items.

4. Brake

Brake button can automatically cut off the power supply when braking, emergency brake can use the physical way to make the car stop quickly, these small details look inconspicuous, at the critical moment can save your life.