Maintenance of Skateboard

- Jun 08, 2017-

Board Maintenance

(1) Plate surface: board as far as possible not to hit the wall; not let him into the water, there are cracks as far as possible not to touch the surface of the wood to soften the loss of elasticity. If the board surface touches the water please dry it in time.

(2) Sandpaper: Some friends play board feet with a bit of mud on the board is a once gray and white mud to kill a once. Generally no impression but not beautiful. In fact, cleaning is very simple not complex: use a rag to dry after the water, and then go to rub the place of ash, as far as possible slowly to rub, heavy no relationship, speed to slow.

Protection of bracket [bridge]

(1) Pu Mat: unable to protect.

(2) Bridge Body: unable to protect.


Bearing protection: Try not to touch the water.

Bearing maintenance: If you hear the metal friction sound, usually the oil is gone. If you are a very good board of people can be used in the following ways to maintain bearings.

Household vegetable oil, soak for 3 days and then remove the shell of the bearing to remove the rubbish and soak for 3 days. Take it out like new bearings!!!

(Listen to Topracer Mister Talk about coping bearing has a method WD-40 lubrication + show 5 Gold shop have sold everybody can try I haven't tried!)

Some friends the bearing lid can not be removed, there is no way to have some bearings of the lid is very difficult to dismantle; It's going to be fast.


Wheel: Unable to maintain.

Try not to drift, very hurt the wheel. Do not touch water on the board surface of the shotguns plate. If there is no way to do it. Dry it in time. Because touching water will reduce the elasticity of the surface.


Keep it tight. The rest is free. Remember not to touch the water. You mustn't be stained with water. If the surface of the sand is sanded off. You can't put it in a damp place.