The importance of the quality of skateboard wheel

- Jun 08, 2017-

The skateboard wheel is also a great deal of attention. In addition to the accuracy of the bearing on the speed of the impact of the wheel depends on the performance.

(1) Hardness

The skateboard wheel is usually based on polyurethane, the proportion of polyurethane in the wheel, the hardness of the wheel is different. Hardness of 85A (A is the hardness) of the wheel is relatively soft, suitable for rough road surface, glide when the sound is very small, for like pedal shopping friends is a good choice. The 97a-103A wheels are suitable for the smooth marble as well as the flatter road surface, also suits the U-pool, the platform and so on props.

(2) diameter

38-40mm of the wheel is now very few people, this kind of wheel start, accelerate speed, but the stamina is small, only suitable for a very flat road, the characteristics of the movement is quite flexible, like doing small gestures can try. The 45mm 50mm wheels are the most suitable wheels for road. 52-60mm wheels are more suitable for use on various props. In the wild, you can choose more than 60mm cross-country wheel. Professional Mountain skateboards are big wheels with rubber.

(3) Rebound

The bounce of wheels is very important. Although there are no parameters to reference, however, the stronger the ability to rebound over obstacles. If you do not know the performance of the wheel bounce, you can do a small test: remove the wheel of the bearings, force the wheel to the ground to throw, high bounce wheel, the wheel will bounce to the ceiling, low bounce wheel, will only stick to the ground thump two.