The practice points of Ollie Action

- Jun 08, 2017-

There are many beginners who practice this action, because the fear of falling, more willing to practice in situ. This is detrimental to the practice, may just find the upward feeling, without the forward experience, in the glide is difficult to make good Ollie. But it's a good idea to be in the same place as experience. So it is more important to practice the basic technology of taxiing first, glide and basic balance practice well, plus downhill practice, the skateboard has been able to make a certain control, and then to practice Ollie, may be twice as much.

Some beginners in doing Ollie, often can not find a coherent feeling, often hind feet exerting force, and the front foot of the lifting action is too late to complete; This is all normal. It takes a certain amount of time to connect the action to a coherent and comfortable operation. Can be on the ground to try to practice the coordination of the two feet, master good time lag, accustomed to become a natural. You can also close your eyes, meditate on the way to imagine this action, and repeatedly deepen the impression, also can listen to some relaxing music, I believe it will help. The training method of meditation is easy to implement and can be used frequently during skateboarding training.