Evolution History Of Skateboard Wheels

- Jun 08, 2017-

The evolution of skateboard wheel represents the innovation of material science, also witnessed the development of skateboard movement, the history of wheel evolution is the history of skateboarding.

1955: The Skateboard wheel first appeared in the United States, the wheel of the roller-skating shoes. 5010mm, 75

1963: "Sidewalk Surfer" composite plastic wheel, 50 X 30mm, 86g, 90a, by the roller pulley improved, the first commercial production of the skateboard wheel.

$number: Pu Wheel first appeared, manufactured by industrial forklift tire materials, PU materials make the skater's rapid turn does not produce sideslip, the modern skateboard movement of the Midwife. 49 X 30mm, 59g, 90a.

1976: Precision bearings instead of "loose bead", specially used for skateboard wheel birth, the wheel is often designed with a large "lip" to increase adhesion. 58 X 70mm, 167g, 90a. 1977-1983: Soul ao patent "Bones" round appeared. The characteristics of the wheel: High rebound double arc edge, with a * * * * * high rebound polyurethane material, rolling faster, greater adhesion, no longer rely on the huge "lip." Double-arc edges help overcome obstacles and rotate flexibly. 64 X 57mm, 158g, 85-95a.

1985: Ramp Wheel: Cabrero began to use harder wheels on smooth ramps and swimming pool surfaces for better control of adhesion. The diameter and weight are reduced to improve acceleration and reaction speed. 60 X 40mm, 117g, 98a.

1988: Vertical wheel: Larger diameter, smaller width, for half pipe ramp optimization. The spender is used to impact the vertical sliding height. 67 X 36mm, 113g, 98a.

1989: Street Wheel: "Street Style" * * * emphasizes the reduction of wheel weight, low center of gravity and easy to slip. 57x35mm, 76g, 95a.

1992: The street Wheel: the diameter suddenly decreases, the hardness increases, for the variety of road movements and changes. 39-47mm 26mm, 19 37, 97-101A.