Speed Of The Electric Skateboard

- Jun 08, 2017-

Many people think that the speed of the electric scooter is, of course, the faster the better. As an electric driving vehicle, the best speed should be 20km. Less than this speed is difficult to play the actual role of transport, greater than this speed will bring security risks. The scooter body is relatively simple, when the emergency situation is too high speed driving speed can lead to overturn, collision and other hazards. In addition, according to the National Electric bicycle standard and scientific speed limit design, rated speed should be about 20km. High-end electric scooters generally have 0 start-up devices, not 0 start the design, it is necessary to use the foot to help the ground, let the car move up, then hook the accelerator to complete the start. This is designed to prevent the novice from being able to control speed safely. Small make a suggestion: should choose the speed 20km to be good.