Parameters Related To Skateboard Wheels

- Jun 08, 2017-


The skateboard wheel is usually the polyurethane main material, the polyurethane in the wheel occupies the proportion of different, the wheel hardness is also different. Hardness of 85A (A is the hardness) of the wheel is relatively soft, suitable for rough road surface taxiing, glide when the sound is very small, for like pedal shopping friends is a good choice.

But the 85A wheels, because of the soft so the comparison is not wear-resistant, and do like sideslip brakes, such as the action is easy to break off the interval. Generally now the slippery hand selects the 97a-103A wheel.

This kind of hardness wheel is suitable for the smooth marble as well as the flatter road surface, also suits the U-pool, the platform and so on props. There is no sound in a smooth, flat, 85A wheel. Transparent or translucent wheel is not intended to use 103A, too hard, there will be a burst of the situation, preferably only used in all wood materials made of props.


38-40mm wheels Use fewer people, wheels start, accelerate faster, but the stamina is small, suitable for very flat road. The 45mm 50mm wheels are the most suitable wheels for road. 52-60mm wheels are more suitable for each prop. Because in the props to do the action need a strong power, flat ground action hope the lighter the better, while the props on board weight can sometimes bring greater inertia and impact, let you soar higher and farther. In the wild, more than 60mm cross-country wheels are more suitable. Professional Mountain skateboards are big wheels with rubber.


The bounce of wheels is very important. Although there are no parameters to refer to. But the stronger the rebound, the stronger the ability to cross the barrier. If you don't know how your wheels bounce performance, you can do a little experiment. Remove the bearings from the wheel, you push the wheels to the ground, bounce high wheels, the wheels will bounce to the ceiling, the bottom rebound of the wheel, will only stick to the ground thump two. On the smooth ground, perhaps, two kinds of wheels can run as fast, but in a slightly rough road conditions, the high bounce of the advantages of the wheel, will be able to show out.