On Skateboarding Culture

- Jun 08, 2017-

With the development of skateboard movement, skateboarding technology to chase its ancestor surfing. Gevante (Alan Gelfand) invented the dolphin jump (the Ollie), making the skateboarding industry more focused on High-tech performances, resulting in many such as the Hawk (Tony Hawk) and Kabbalah (Steven Caballero) and other stars. By the skateboard merchant, the famous company organizes the traveling brand promotion activity, has brought the huge benefit to the merchant, has already become the industrial market science common technique. The slippery soil feels heavy clothing, the nostalgic sneakers once became the world Tidal current, but related music (new Wave music, punk, hop) also reached the peak, its language, the skill, the clothing and the music, constituted the unique skateboard culture. In the United States skateboarding enthusiasts up to 4.5 million! Because the skateboard movement is too thrilling, stimulates. In the 60 's, skateboarding was banned by the government and once relegated to "underground projects". Until the middle of the 80, the skateboard project was open to the government, the return of the city Magic movement. The skateboard superstar Tony Hawker and Andy McDonald are, in the eyes of many young people, undoubtedly the same super Idol as Jordan and Sampras.

Skateboarding is characterized by sliding, advocating freedom of movement, experience and create the feeling of overweight, to the slippery person to bring success and create joy. Skateboarding is different from the traditional sports, not rigidly tied to the fixed mode, the need to slide the hands to play the imagination, in the process of creating, creativity to exercise, emphasizing the freedom of body and mind, advocating and natural integration of the movement concept. Skateboarding is rich beyond the limits of physical and mental self challenge, ornamental irritation, high-tech permeability. People in the movement to improve human nature, return to the nature of the nature of the full emphasis, in the bustling city lurks a return to nature, melt in nature, challenge themselves, transported to heaven and nature of the ideological realm of the ultimate movement characteristics. In Europe and the United States and the developing countries, participation in extreme sports has become the most popular urban youth, the most enduring fashion, the participation in the extreme games has become the dream of the vast number of urban youth.