Skateboarding Practice Tips

- Jun 08, 2017-

The board at the foot, the danger on the body. Playing board friends can not leave the board, but also to fall. In particular, the initial scholar, the board is still very unfamiliar, the center of gravity is still difficult to control, a little inattentive to the damage to the board, there are several points that need special attention:

1. If you are a beginner, before the board, please look at the basic action data examples video articles. So that there is a bottom in the heart, in the end where the center of gravity, the foot how to put. Otherwise shed on board, if no head flies, fall not hurt just blame.

2. Beginners generally fall is the center of gravity instability, if the glide lost the center of gravity, simply with the center of gravity, the foot pressure plate end or plate tail, so that the plate end or the end of the board to wipe the emergency stop.

3. If you do the skill of the action such as vacated landing, and the fall is difficult to avoid, as far as possible curled body curved body, neck tensioning, stretched upward from the ground. Remember the physical formula, P F S, when the body falls to the ground in a flash of contact area of the larger, bear the p is less, because your g must. So, when you fall, remember not to use the body of a palms ah what part of the ground, back words, clicks, maybe the fracture.

4. Suggest to play board, the best wear protective gear. Especially beginners, don't wearies.