The Mentality Of Skateboarding Practice

- Jun 08, 2017-

1. The first thing you need to know is that skateboarding has some difficulty, and that's why you choose to skate because you decide to challenge yourself. If you're the kind of personality that can't accept the challenge, maybe you should consider giving up.

2. Practice to be diligent, the ground is best to be flat without ribs, the frequency is high, do not arrive at chatting rest, see others to play. Even if you want to see a master performance is also watching while practicing, not always sit down to see

3. Take the initiative to greet people, but also know the same as beginners of friends, can observe and learn from each other, each place will have love and not good master, not because these people are afraid to make friends with other people, because you need to have you can talk skateboarding friends

4. Do not be afraid of losing face, beginners should concentrate on their own practice, as long as you are careful not to bump into people, or block other people's line, as far as other people's opinion of you is not important

5. Don't think of "Love Now". If you decided to play skateboard is to "Love Now" you will have a great setback, because skateboarding is not like "singing" "Street Dance", looking forward to the eyes of others, skateboarding is the challenge of the self, if your action style is praised, it would be a good thing; but if you use the eyes of others to determine the mood of skateboarding, you lose your original intention.

6. Don't be so quick to hope that others can teach you, this is impossible, to ask others why you can not jump up before, at least already practiced Ollie 10,000 times, and then ask others to help you see what place is wrong, some people Ollie not to 10, have been asked, even if others tell you the true reason, you do not necessarily listen to understand

7. Practice to the brain, every time the failure of the action to do the next improvement, rather than repeat the failure of the action, finally form the habit, it is difficult to change, because you are only a failure of the action